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Herman Williams PGA Professional Golf Instructor Raleigh NC

Herman Williams, PGA Professional

Herman Williams, PGA Pro Golf Instructor, has over 27 years of experience as a top golf teaching professional offering  Golf Instruction, Golf Schools, Clinics and Private Golf Lessons.

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GOLF LESSONS by Herman Williams Golf

25,000+ lessons & counting.

Students come from all over North Carolina & beyond for Herman’s instruction & lessons. Go to the Blog to see online video golf lessons, swing tips and instruction articles. Private golf lessons are available by appointment by contacting Herman or online lessons are available by clicking this link: book an online golf lesson.

I am a PGA Professional Golf Instructor, 27 years and counting, teaching golf lessons in North Carolina since 1990.

My goal is to remove the mystery of the golf swing while passing on the wisdom gained from the 25,000+ golf lessons I’ve given over the years. As a professional instructor and former clubfitter, I am focused on the 2 things that are going to make your game easier and more fun – the swing and the clubs. I am always striving to improve the content and quality of my teaching. My emphasis is on video golf lessons which you can sample on my YouTube Channel. Online golf lessons and tips are the core of this website, but along the way I may blog about other golf-related themes.

What does it mean to GET HERMANIZED?
Getting Hermanized is the phrase many of my students have jokingly used throughout the years to describe the process of getting “cured” during a golf lesson. Check my Youtube Channel for video golf lessons to “Get Hermanized” or if you’re in North Carolina, look me up for private golf lessons.

My swing tips and video golf lessons are for average players looking to get better – primarily for the beginner to intermediate golfer 10 handicap and higher, but I work with all skill levels from aspiring Tour Player to high school freshmen trying out for the golf team to complete “newbies” taking up the sport for the first time as adults. Private one-on-one golf lessons are available by appointment and online golf lessons are available anytime.

Please send your requests for videos and instruction articles. I can’t make any promises as I’m a lot more than an online golf pro – I  still have to manage a couple of businesses and make time to be a real-life golf instructor for the private golf lessons I give, but I do want to hear from you.

I’ll make every effort to personally respond to comments and questions, but please be patient. With over 16,000 subscribers on YouTube alone, plus thousands of past students, it is impossible to respond to all of them. Plus there are other website, email, video, friend, and family commitments, not to mention my favorite hobby, surfing. If the waves are up, expect to see me on the NC coast somewhere. But please leave Comments so others may benefit from the discussion.

The Ultimate Game
Remember, golf is the ultimate test of patience and self discipline and a true character builder. That’s why it’s the game of a lifetime and one of the most rewarding personal achievements you can experience. Work hard, play hard, enjoy the journey and make some good memories along the way. I hope to meet you somewhere on that journey.

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