Golf Impact Position & Video Lesson – Camilo Villegas Style

The post from a few days ago about Camilo Villegas’ ball flight secret and power impact position was honestly too confusing. I’ve put together a great online golf video lesson about the Golf Impact Position Camilo Villegas style to explain things in better detail and demonstrate a couple of good drills  for you. This video gives you all the detail you need to develop the right takeaway and backswing followed by a killer impact position. If you want piercing iron shots, need to stop slicing, or just want more power and crisp contact, you need to see this video golf lesson.

The main thing Camilo does so well to get in a good golf impact position is to create a flat wrist at the top of the backswing then deliver that flat wrist to the golf ball. Actually his left wrist is slightly bowed at impact which is responsible for getting the shaft leaning forward at contact with the ball. Obviously this leads to the great divot, trajectory and piercing flight we’ve already mentioned.

So go watch the video on golf impact position, get Hermanized and enjoy. Don’t forget to post your comments and let me know what you think.

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  1. Discovered you’re video lessons on u tube think they are excellent do you have any on short game , pitching, chipping,putting,&. green side bunkers?

  2. I can not thank you enough for your instruction being so clear. I look forward to reading your videos in the future. Thanks much.

  3. I really like your instruction. I have so much trouble with the proper hand positions at impact. Guess lots of practice will be what it takes. Thank you kindly.


  4. I’ve started the flat wrist mainly for my driver and it has proven reliable.
    I viewed your video about Villegas’ golf flight and found the flat left wrist
    starts straight back at take-away and not much for wrist cock but seems
    to really help with flight and accuracy.
    Does all this apply to the driver in the same manner ?
    I love the video and your verbal explanation.

    Many thanks, George

  5. Love your simplified and very helpful videos. I would like you to do a video for us 50 and over crowd who have lost that youthful flexibility! Also could you address that arms vs. body controversy!

  6. I watched the grip, flat left wrist, posture with left arm over the chest and impact position, and it has completely changed my swing. I nvr comment on sites but it was the right thing to do. Your videos are awesome! I’ve been playing with the wrong grip for 10 years. The grip naturally gives me a flat wrist at the top, the left arm over the chest prevents my hands to start the swing, and the flat/bowed impact position has changed how I hit the ball. I incorporated all of this on the first range session. My new backswing puts me the right position and I can swing as hard as I can and just think of the impact position. Do you have any other videos?

  7. Love the videos. Can’t wait for more. I have a very hard time with the “bump”. I also frequently don’t get to the left side. is there anyway to practice the bump and get it to be part of the swing? Thanks

    • Look at how a ball player throwing a baseball starts to stride forward as the arm is still going back. Try to feel the bump or body weight shift and slightly squat as the club is just barely finishing the backswing. Hopefully this will help you create a flow to it.

  8. You talk about smothering the ball and with the proper lag and getting that perfect divot. I feel I am doing this better than I have but do not get that divot. I play mizuno jpx800 that are game improvement irons. The part of the club that contacts the ground is wider (cavity back) and does not have an edge like a bladed iron might have. I seem to be contacting the ground after the ball, so Should I still expect to have a divot, if I am hitting it properly

    • It sounds like you are doing everything just fine. If you are happy with your trajectory and are getting ground contact beyond the ball I would not worry about the divot too much. You can work so hard to get it that you start losing trajectory, and that’s no good either unlless you are swinging at Tour speeds.

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  10. Hey Herman,

    Been commited to your system for about 6 weeks now. I’ve got a way to go but for the first time ever I feel like I got a system I can commit to that makes sense. I do have an issue with fllat left rist though. I can’t seem to hinge much at the top of the back swing if I keep my wrist flat. Probably losing about 20 degrees of shaft angle at the top. This is resulting in a loss of distance for me. Once in a while I let myself go back to my old method (combined with the rest of your lessons)at the top which is a cupped left wrist. This allows the club to come almost to parallel at the top and feel much more pop at impact and get my old distance back. I’ve seen other trainers on youtube who teach exactly this. That a flat wrist for average players will reuslt in loss of hinge at the top. What are your thoughts? If cupped works for me should I stick with it or can I expect with more practice I will gain back the distance and of course more consistency?

    • Dennis, thanks for following my work and what a great question. You are absolutely right. The flat left wrist phenomenon is primarily for accuracy, consistent solid contact and anti-slicing. Obviously these are some of the biggest problems that plague golfers trying to shoot lower scores. Wrists get floppy and then they are all over the place.

      However, if a player is looking for more distance and maybe more lag, a stronger left hand grip followed by cupping that wrist at the top may be the way to go. Note that you generally only need the left hand grip stronger. When the right hand grip gets stronger (more under the club to the right) you will likely lose some of your wrist hinge. Good luck and keep in touch.


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