Online Golf Lessons & Video Golf Swing Analysis

Sample online golf lesson video with Herman Williams, PGA.If you can’t get to Herman Williams for a private lesson, you can still get Hermanized with Online Golf Lessons.

Knowing that so many golfers don’t have the opportunity to see Herman for private lessons, online lessons are now available to provide online golf instruction on a limited availability basis. Herman personally does all of the video swing analysis.

Click to View a Sample Online Golf Lesson given by Herman

Steps to Getting Your Online Golf Lesson With Herman

1. Create Your Golf Swing Video

2. Upload Video to YouTube or Get Raw Video File for Emailing

3. Pay for Lesson by PayPal

4. Email your YouTube video link or video file attachment for review

Once all four steps are completed, Herman will email you to confirm that your video has been received and is in line to be evaluated.

Online Golf Lesson Pricing
Personalized video golf swing analysis from Herman $75.00

Follow these detailed steps for an Online Golf Lesson with Herman

Step 1: Create Your Golf Swing Video

Capture one swing each with a mid-iron & driver from the “front view” (FV) and from the “down-the-line” view (DTL). Back view is helpful if you can get it, but not required. Also get a close-up shot of your grip using video or a still photo. Be mindful of your video length. Video creates very large file sizes – swings should ideally be less than 2 seconds each with very little extra film time if possible. Also take care when recording your swing to ensure the best results for the online lesson. The better your video quality, the better your analysis will be. Camera positioning, lighting, shutter speed, etc. are very important.

If you are filming with a phone, turn the phone horizontally into “landscape” mode to get the best video for golf analysis. Filming with phones in a vertical position leads to tall, skinny video rendering that is usually too far away to get good swing details or fails to get the entire swing on camera.

Click proper camera set up for a video golf lesson for a video tutorial about how to film a golf swing.

Step 2: Upload Video to YouTube or Create a Video File for Emailing

Below are instructions for both methods. Keep in mind file attachment sizes are limited to 10 -25 mb by most email providers.

A good way to publish your swing video for an online golf lesson is to upload it to YouTube. Note that YouTube has an “unlisted” setting so that your video can only be viewed by those who know your link. During the publishing process of your video upload, you will be given an opportunity to select “unlisted.”

You will need a YouTube account, so if you don’t already have one, it is a simple process and free.
Here is the link to create your YouTube account.

Here are written instructions from YouTube on uploading video.

Here are video instructions for uploading to YouTube.

To maintain the highest quality video possible, try to upload your original video footage in its native DV-AVI format either directly from your camera or by saving it on your computer in the original AVI format and then uploading to Youtube. The AVI format has not been re-encoded or compressed. YouTube will automatically do that during your upload. Once you have uploaded the video, you should verify that it has been successful by clicking the link provided by YouTube and watching the video play.

Video File Conversion for Sending Via Email Attachment
Although YouTube is convenient, it’s not ideal for everyone and sending video files directly via email can provide a better quality video than uploading to YouTube. But it does require some additional steps in advance to make sure you can send the files. You can’t just throw your raw video in an email attachment without checking the file size first. Most email programs have restrictions on attachment file sizes anywhere from 5mb – 25mb.

Click this link for a tutorial to learn about video file conversion and email attachments if you’d like to email your video directly.

Step 3: Payment via Paypal or Credit Card

We are only processing payments through PayPal, but you are not required to have a PayPal account to do so. PayPal still allows you to bypass the account setup & login and pay by credit card using their secure servers. Go to for more details or to open an account.

Payment for online lessons will appear on your credit card statement as “little genius” going to Little Genius Marketing, LLC, the parent company for

Pay for an Online Golf Lesson: $75.00

Step 4: Contact Us by Email with Your Lesson Request

Once you have uploaded your video to YouTube or converted it for emailing and completed your payment, please email us the video attachment or the YouTube link using the following GMail address:

hermanwilliamsgolf [at] gmail [dot] com
*Be sure to include “online lessons” in the subject line.

Include a short description of what you would like Herman to look at for your lesson. Just give a brief explanation of what you struggle with, what you are working on, shot patterns (left, right, hi, lo, etc.) typical scores, how long you have played, any physical limitations you may have and which hand is your dominant hand. (i.e. Are you right-handed but playing left-handed golf or vice versa?)

Please indicate if you want Herman’s return lesson video as a private Youtube video link or if you want the full video sent as an attachment to email. Note that a 10 – 15-minute video will be roughly 15 -25 MB in size. Normal turnaround for online lessons is one week but is also dependent on the number of customers already inline.

Pay for an Online Golf Lesson: $75.00





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