Golf Swing Video File Conversion for Emailing

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These steps appear tedious when you see them in print but only take a few minutes of work once you know your way around. In fact it may be faster than waiting for the upload process with YouTube as that can be slow with large videos.

First,  depending on your device the raw video file from your camera will normally be a digital DV-AVI file and will be quite large, up to 200MB per minute, another reason not to have empty filler in your video as it should only take about 2 seconds per swing anyway.

The AVI format is the highest quality and is preferred for our analysis, but you need to make sure the file is not too big to send by email. Most email clients limit email attachments to anywhere from 10 – 25 MB which is likely less than 10 – 25 seconds of video. Currently, AOL’s limit is 16 MB, while GMail from Google is the most generous at 25 MB. In our testing it can take almost 5-10 minutes to send an email with a 25MB attachment with a reasonably fast internet connection. The sending is the slow part since upload speeds are never as fast as download speeds with most ISP’s.

An alternative is to use a “big file sending” email service such as Send6 or SendThisFile. They allow for up to 100mb attachments with their free service and Send6 will track your email’s progress. Note the files will expire in 3-7 days with the free version, so be sure the email recipient downloads the files in a timely manner.

If your files are huge and you must use a basic email service rather than one of the large file senders, then you will need to reduce the file size for emailing. The steps after shooting the video are to transfer the video file to computer, convert to smaller file and then attach to email for sending.

First, transfer your video by uploading or importing your video from your camera or camera disk to your computer. We assume you have instructions for that with your camera. To retain maximum video quality save the file in its original DV or AVI format. If you saved it in the original AVI format and it’s smaller than 25MB, you can skip conversion and go ahead to emailing using gmail for up to 25mb attachments. However, if your file exceeds your email provider’s limits, you need to compress the file further by using a video file converter. A good video file size for emailing is 5 – 10MB or less.

There are a number of video file converters available on the internet, but makes one of the best. We’ve used it here at Herman Williams Golf and agree it is very simple, efficient and best of all FREE with no ads, spam or malware. Check the site and download the free video conversion software here. Any Video Converter is also another good conversion tool.

After downloading and activating the Freemake video conversion software, open Freemake and browse for the video file on your computer by clicking the “+video” button. Then click on the format you want to convert to – we suggest “mp4.” Finally, click “convert.” Very soon your golf swing video will be converted into the mp4 format and should be a much smaller, more manageable file for emailing. Here is the tutorial page for converting video formats.

After converting your video to a smaller file size, you may simply attach it to your email for sending after completing your payment.

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