Online Golf Lesson Video Sample with Herman Williams, PGA

Watch this online golf lesson video sample as Herman Williams, PGA Professional Golf Instructor, provides his expert swing diagnosis and video analysis to a volunteer student. Online video golf lessons include graphics markups, annotations, voice-over commentary by Herman and finally a demonstration of the proper practice techniques for improvement. Now you too can get Hermanized in your own living room with an online golf lesson from Herman.
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Back to Online Golf Lessons page

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  1. @ the top of my swing I loop around and inside on the downswing I don’t know if it’s a hitch or what I get it done but it doesn’t look so good help

    • Assuming you are a right-handed golfer, look at what your right elbow is doing at the top of backswing. There are many things that could be going on here, but if you are lifting that elbow on the way up or rapidly tucking it back in on the downswing the clubhead will wave around.